ONCE UPON A TIME “The Thing You Love Most” Review

ONCE UPON A TIME "The Thing You Love Most" Season 1 Episode 2 – After last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, I wasn’t certain if the Evil Queen’s real world counterpart, Regina, was completely aware of the true nature of her town or if she was just evil by nature. But after watching "The Thing You Love Most," that question has been answered. (She is.) But we also learned this week that she’s not the only fairytale character who retained their memories.

Having decided to stay in town, Emma has put herself in the line of fire; Regina wants her gone, be it via poisoned apple or by using Jiminy Cricket to frame Emma for theft. Fortunately for Emma, not only does Sister Mary (better known as Snow White, her mother) believe in Emma’s innocence, but the sheriff of the town isn’t taking Regina’s word for face value anymore, although he continues to do her bidding. One wonders what character he is…and what hold the Evil Queen has over him. Read More...



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