THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Nightmare on Grace Street” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW "Nightmare on Grace Street" Season 3 Episode 3 – For a Halloweenepisode of an animated show like The Cleveland Show, "Nightmare on Grace Street" had an awful lot going on. One could say almost too much.

When Rallo (like most five year olds) can’t make it through his first sleepover without calling his mommy, Cleveland makes merciless fun of him…until Cleveland calls Donna to pick him up from his own slumber party with the guys after their pumpkin carving victory. Fed up with their bickering, Donna dares them to spend Halloween night at the creepiest house in town.

But while Cleveland and Rallo are away, a crazy killer bent on revenge for having been rejected byCleveland comes to the house and nearly kills Donna and Cleveland Jr. Fortunately, the man and boy of the house return in time to save them, thus settling their bravery test once and for all. Read More...


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