One Piece Season 9 Episode 288: Fukurou's Miscalculation - My Cola is the Water of Life! Recap

Nami becomes Kalifa's opponent, Kumadori goes after Chopper, and Luffy unleashes a new power! Meanwhile, Franky spars with Fukurou in an attempt to get to the kitchen to power up with Cola.

After a recap of the previous episode, Nami begins to run up the stairs to face Kalifa, when Kumadori stomps in wanting to continue his fight with her. Chopper tells Nami to continue while he faces him. He then transforms into Arm point and attacks Kumadori, telling him that he will be his opponent.

Meanwhile, Chimney and Gonbe save Luffy from drowning, and pump out all the water he took in. Once revived, Luffy goes back to his pursuit of Robin. Not thinking things trough, he began to stretch his arms and grab a hold of a nearby cannon, preparing to launch off of it in hopes that he will fly across the whirlpools. But when Chimney tells him she found another way there, he accidentally falls back into the water again. After being rescued, again, Chimney and Gonbe show him the secret passage they found. She told him that they were following "that guy with Lucci" (Spandam), Lucci, and "black-haired neechan" (Robin) to that place. After running down the stairs, they came to a giant steel door. After finding no way to open it, Luffy told Chimney and Gonbe to stand back. Although not seen on-screen, Luffy used Gear Third and broke down the door with tremendous strength. After the dust cleared, Chimney and Gonbe looked in awe at the huge hole that the door once stood... then were surprised that Luffy had been reduced to a Chibi-like form!

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