'Grimm' premiere: Did NBC's spooky new drama grab you?


"Grimm" will probably not look too great when Friday night's ratings come out, since it aired opposite the deciding game of the World Series. But for those of you who did watch NBC's new monster-tinged crime show Friday (Oct. 28), what did you think?The show certainly has mood going for it: It's shot on location in Portland, Ore., and the premiere makes good use of a city we don't often see on screen, and its mix of lush green spaces and often gray skies looks great on TV.(By the way, if you missed/didn't record the "Grimm" pilot on Friday, NBC is re-airing it at 9 p.m. ET Saturday. Syfy will also show it at 7 p.m. Tuesday.)We're less sold on the storytelling so far -- but hopeful that it can find its footing. The pilot didn't quite seem to know whether to lean more on the crime-story part of its premise or on the Grimm's...



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