Supernatural Review: Episode 7.06 "Slash Fiction"

What a super, awesome, fun, amusing, gross and sad episode of Supernatural this week. After Don Stark managed to subdue the leviathan last week, the boys took him back to the cabin so Bobby could figure out how to hurt and/or kill these suckers. The poor man wasn’t having any luck with all of the usual tools, although decapitation seemed to do the trick for a while.

Meanwhile, two other leviathans had cloned themselves into the Winchester brothers (using hair from a motel bathroom) and decided to take their shiny new bodies on a killing spree. They robbed banks and left a trail of dead people in their wake. When Sam and Dean finally got wind of what their dopplegangers were up to, Bobby sent them to an old acquaintance by the name of Frank Devereaux. Devereaux wasn’t a hunter, but he was a conspiracy nut and very helpful in teaching the Winchesters tricks to lay low. These included sticking with more mundane aliases (no more odes to rock stars), switching up their phones and ditching the Impala. Read More...


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