One Piece Season 1 Episode 6: Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy! Recap

Zoro, Nami, and a caged Luffy manage to escape Buggy's crew, and meet a puppy named Shu Shu, guarding the pet shop of its former master. They are encountered by Mohji the tamer with Richie the lion, and when Richie destroys the pet shop Luffy stands up for Shu Shu against Mohji.

As the smoke of the Buggy Bomb's explosion clears, Zoro, wounded, picks up Luffy's cage and drags it in front of a pet shop. He collapses near it, barely conscious due to his wound. Luffy spots a small puppy in front of the shop. Nami then arrives and tosses Luffy a key, but the puppy swallows the key and Luffy strangles it to get it back. The mayor then arrives and orders Luffy to leave the dog alone. He brings the wounded Zoro to his house so that Zoro can sleep. The mayor then returns and explains to Luffy about the dog, named Shu Shu, whose master died. Shu Shu and his master were very close, but the mayor knows that Shu Shu must have realized his owner is dead.

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