'Once Upon a Time': The origins of the curse


We get some more background on the Evil Queen's curse in the second episode of "Once Upon a Time." There was also some wonderful stuff between Emma and Snow.StorybrookeWe pick up with the next morning after Emma decided to stay in Storybrooke. The clock tower is working and everyone is taking notice.Regina once again threatens Emma, under the guise of bringing her a basket of apples. But Emma's no pushover and goes toe-to-toe about looking after Henry's best interests and sets off to talk to Henry's therapist (Jiminy Cricket, if you'll recall). But twist - the Mayor set it all up and had Doc give Emma Henry's file on purpose in order to have her arrested later for "stealing" the file. Miss Blanchard bails her out because she just trusts Emma (aww) and then Emma awesomely chainsaws the Mayor's prized apple tree. Regina eventually tries to make peace, but that again is a set up...



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