Once Upon a Time Photos & Promo: Learn How Snow & Charming Met in Episode 3

once upon a time abc

In this week's episode of Once Upon a Time, we got our first look at how the Evil Queen manufactured the curse that trapped all of the characters in Storybrooke.  As it turns out, she had to retrieve the curse from her only frenemy, Maleficent. But her first attempt to enact the curse failed and she was forced to ask Rumplestiltskin for help, as he was the person who originally gave it to her.  He advised her that she needed to sacrifice the thing she loves the most: her father.  Clearly she followed through.  Interestingly, we learned that her father's name was Henry.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina was determined to drive Emma from town to keep her away from Henry.  Regina set up Emma to be arrested by using Henry's psychiatrist as her pawn.  The two women went back and forth trying to ruin and upset each other.  In the end, Emma decided to stay and we learned that Mr. Gold was responsible for bringing Henry into Regina's life.  It seems like he has an agenda that Regina isn't privy to. Read More...



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