Dexter 6.05 "The Angel of Death" Review

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Dexter season 6 returns to choke out its fifth entry with this week’s "The Angel of Death," as our favorite serial killer moves closer to discovering the identity(ies) of the gruesome "Doomsday Killer," and Deb struggles to keep her life in order.  With Dexter season 6’s main villains out in the open, the story mostly moves along, even with a few sidetracks here and there.

I may have been a little hard on last week’s Dexter "A Horse of a Different Color," mostly in that it devoted too much attention to storylines and characters with no real bearing or payoff to the main threads.  With twelve episodes and a certain amount of space to fill, not everything can drive the plot but "The Angel of Death" at least utilizes its smaller focus to weave together larger pictures in a more effective manner. Read More...


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