'Pan Am': Blame it on Rio


Another week comes and goes, and "Pan Am" offers all the intrigue and mystery of a SkyMall catalog. But for those interested in the weekly ongoings of 1963's favorite stewardesses, we have a recap for you.This week's adventures takes the crew sans Kate (we'll get to her later) to Rio for a couple days of sun and fun. The trip goes horribly awry when Maggie (Christina Ricci) and Laura (Margot Robbie) get arrested for buying stolen merchandise from a street vendor. This lands the two in a Brazilian jail for a good portion of the episode. While in the clink, Maggie has a chance to reflect on the life decisions that landed her in this predicament. It's not the most compelling of a back story, but at least her character now has a bit of depth. We're also exposed to a nefarious side of Maggie as she must engage in underhandedness to keep her job.While...



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