'The Walking Dead' recap: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

I don't want to talk too much about the Walking Dead comic book in these recaps. For one thing, there's the potential for spoilers. (Which, by the way, please mark any comic-related comments with an all-caps SPOILER ALERT down in the comment boards.) But more importantly, nobody likes a pedantic know-it-all, and talking about the original Dead will inevitably lead us down the road to pedantry: "That actor is all wrong for the character, the zombies don't look decomposed enough, THE COMIC WAS BETTER!!!, etc.

Still, in light of the shocking event that rounded out last night's episode, I think it's important to highlight one major difference emerging between the two versions of Dead. And this is only a Spoiler if you haven't read the very first volume of Dead: Shane is still alive. Narratively speaking, Shane served two very basic purposes. In the first story arc, he was a vision of the Shape of Things to Come: An early indication that the zombies were less dangerous than the humans left behind. After his death, he was a taunting specter of the past: Whenever Rick had to make a difficult decision to keep people alive, the ghost of Shane was there, reminding him of the moral depths to which a man can sink when he no longer has to follow any moral force besides himself. Read More...



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