'The Good Wife' recap: The 'Nice' Bin Laden

Lately, The Good Wife has gotten really fond of playing Gotcha!

So many episodes this season have taken great pains to point out our biases, just to lead to a big reversal in the end. There was the Muslim kid who was accused of committing a hate crime, only to discover that his non-religious roommate killed the victim for reasons that had nothing to do with faith. And you'll also remember the white burglary suspect and the black witness who (surprise!) turned out to be a white witness and a black burglar.

Well, this week, everyone ends up being something we didn't expect. Alicia's new assistant Caitlin, proves that she's smarter than her tramp-boarding, C-student rep might suggest. Eli might seem like a terrible husband, but he didn't cheat on his ex-wife—she cheated on him, with Osama bin Laden's "nice" second cousin, no less. ("The thought of my semen mixed with Bin Laden’s..." sighs Eli. Yes, Mr. Gold, the terrorists have already won.) And Matan might seem like he's spreading vicious rumors that Cary has "a thing for ethnic women," but it turns out he's right—and what's more, that doesn't offend Cary's coworker Dana, who apparently has "a thing for making out with one particular white guy in the front seat of her car." Whoa. Seatbelts off! Read More...



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