Roberta Can't Make Her 'Twilight' Fantasy Come True on 'Cleveland Show' (VIDEO)

While Cleveland and Rallo were learning to face their fears, and Cleveland Jr. and Donna were facing many people's worst nightmare, Roberta had to face simple reality on 'The Cleveland Show' (Sun., 9PM ET on FOX). People who look and talk like Edward Cullen and Jacob Black aren't just mysterious and brooding. They're also not vampires or werewolves. In fact, they're probably just gay.

At least, that's the reality according to this show. Also, girls all across the world got a good tip in how not to find the right man. Throwing yourself off a cliff may attract the handsome man with a supernatural secret in the movies, but in real life you'll probably just find yourself flattened on a rock.


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Default avatar cat
Nov 1, 2011 4:39AM EDT

anyone know if that riff that is playing when edwin walks in is part of an actual song or just something they made.

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