Homeland Recap: Out of Sight

It seems likely that Carrie and Brody's character arcs will continue to mirror one another as the season goes on. This week, they both snap under the weight of accumulated pressure, though depending on whom you believe, one of those acts may have been calculated.

The CIA gets word that U.S. forces have captured the lone surviving terrorist from the attack on Brody's safe house, Afsal Hamid, and they're bringing him back to the States for questioning. Hamid is part of Abu Nazir's Islamic People's Liberation Army, and Estes wants Carrie and Saul to interrogate him ... along with Brody. Carrie reacts to this with her customary steely calm and steadiness. No, of course not, she completely freaks out to Saul. They can't allow Brody in the same room as a fellow terrorist! Think of all the messages they could blink to each other without anyone knowing! She wants to take their suspicions of Brody to Estes now, but Saul manages to talk her down with the idea that they'll be able to observe Brody's behavior during the interrogation and see what they can glean. Read More...



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