Boardwalk Empire 2.06 "The Age of Reason" Review

boardwalk empire

Boardwalk Empire season 2 reaches its midway point with last night’s "The Age of Reason," which sees Margaret Schroeder and Agent Van Alden struggling with their guilt as Nucky and Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt) struggle with their power plays.  "The Age of Reason" finally starts driving Boardwalk Empire season 2's plot along, but begs a few questions of how the stories will be tied together by season's end.

"The Age of Reason" officially marks the halfway point of Boardwalk Empire’s second season, and already the seeds have been sown for a violent and bloody end.  A running undercurrent of "The Age of Reason" sees nearly all of the main players plans’ falling into disarray, a symbol of the chaos and upheaval that pervades Boardwalk Empire on a weekly basis.  Everything from Nucky’s simple plan to get the Attorney General (Christopher McDonald) to throw his case out to Van Alden’s plot to keep his bastard child a secret falls apart, but a wise man* once told us that "life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans." Read More...


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