House Review: "Risky Business"

Halfway through tonight's episode of House, "Risky Business," I started looking at my watch.  Typically I only care about the time to see if House is coming up with his routine epiphany at 5 of the hour.  Tonight it was purely out of boredom.  Here's the problem with tonight's episode.  Well, one at least.  I only care and know about Wilson and House.  So when an episode focuses on Dr. Adams and Dr. Park, I tend to care a lot less about the action on screen.  Not only did I learn nothing new about House this evening--he's an ass, he's conniving, he's dishonest, he's brilliant--but I also noticed that Dr. Adams is quickly moving into a type of role I'm uncomfortable with. 

One thing she's doing that I don't like is trying to control House in a similar way Cuddy did.  Remember that episode way back in season 3 that the writers have clearly forgotten about?  It was called "One Day, One Room" and in it, Cuddy gave House more clinic hours in the hopes that he might actually feel something for people and spark some humanity in him.  And here we are, 5 years later presented with a cleavage-y, smart, slightly naive character (minus 15 years of age) that is Cuddy's poor stand-in.  Also Thirteen's, since she is so clearly willing to go to bat against the patients.  Or was that Cameron?  Sigh...I've lost track of young, sexy female doctors that have come through the series at one time or another. Read More...


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