How I Met Your Mother Review: Shalloween

I'm sure when the How I Met Your Mother writers finished scripting this year's Halloween episode, they felt what they had created, like the title they gave it, was "Perfect on Paper." I tuned in with the highest of expectations, like when I used to run up to that first house on Halloween.  Instead of a delicious treat, however, tonight's episode was like the old lady who handed out pennies and raisin boxes instead of candy.

Ted was right, some things just aren't meant to be and Katie Holmes as the Slutty Pumpkin was proof of that. With her best day's behind her, lost on the waters of Dawson's Creek, Holmes certainly was not the least bit slutty or engaging before or while she wore the now legendary costume. It was like seeing Topher Grace cast as Venom in Spiderman 3.  The popularity that had built up over the years among fans set a bar of expectation that few could have matched. Like Grace, I'm sure the idea of casting a big name star like Holmes made sense for such a key role. Unfortunately with Holmes stardom also came all of her sorted history and it overshadowed the costume which has become such a big part of HIMYM lore. The "To Do List" costumed girl from the roof party would have been a far better choice if you ask me.  Read More...


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