'Terra Nova' Recap: Eye for an Eye

On this week's episode of Terra Nova, the first murder in the history of mankind happens and it throws Taylor and his security team in a tizzy fit. To fill out the rest of the hour, there is also some stuff about a dinosaur egg and bargaining for a chance to bring people in from 2129.

Complicated Killing

We open the episode with an unknown security worker check out a disturbance at a communications tower. Since we know nothing about this character, he is obviously doomed. When he opens the door to the shed he is greeted by a bite to the face from a dinosaur. Jim and Taylor are on the scene investigating when Jim calls the situation a murder, beating Cain and Abel by 85 million years or so. At the hospital the body is given a digital autopsy and they find that the body had Gallosaur blood on it, which is the number one food of Niko's, which is the baddie that ate the man.  Read More...



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