'Two and a Half Men' recap: Motherlover

BOO! Just kidding, Two and a Half Men didn't do a Halloween episode. Instead they did a cougar sex episode, which I guess could maybe count as a Halloween episode. There was plenty of horrific content, and we were even kind of visited by the ghost of Charlie Sheen, who managed to deliver the best lines of the night. The only thing missing was candy.

At least I can say that it was nice to get this cougar (I'm so sorry, I hate saying that word except when referencing Cougar Town) nonsense over with relatively early in the season, right? At this point we've seen everyone from Berta to Charlie's lesbian therapist fall prey to Walden's merciless charms, so it was only natural that Evelyn would get her moment in the spotlight. It's interesting because it took quite a few seasons for this show to really suffer from the one-note Charlie stereotype jokes, but this seems to be happening to Walden only seven episodes in. I think they need to move past the "Walden is an unknowingly sexy dimwit, let's throw various women at him and see what happens" jokes quickly, or they're going to lose people. But hey, only time will tell. Read More...



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