'Hawaii Five-0' Recap: 'Ka Iwi Kapu' (2.07)

Rarely are holiday-related episodes that good; most of them don't have much substance to them beyond the gimmick of whatever special date they're centered around. (A rare exception was NBC's Life, which had a second season episode entitled "Black Friday," but that episode was good because it was well-written and acted, not necessarily because of any particular festive addition.) This week's Hawaii Five-0started by evoking reminders of The Blair Witch Project and didn't really improve from there.

The Halloween parts of the show just didn't work for me. Do we need to hear the team bantering about what Lori's Halloween costume might have been when they're at an active crime scene? (Was it weird to anyone else that she called Danny "Danno," by the way?) And although watching Scott Caan as exasperated Danny is always a treat, the writers pushed that a little far with his "I don't care about curses" schtick. No matter what his beliefs about curses, he's been around the Five-0 team long enough that I don't think he'd disrespect theirs. The only part of the spooky stuff I really enjoyed was the use of Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters," a song that never gets old for me. Read More...



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