'House' Recap: Gambling on Some 'Risky Business'

This week on House there's enough gambling, insider trading and double dealing that it could have been filmed at AIG instead of a hospital. House schemes to re-hire his old team, Dr. Park faces the disciplinary board and another rich man is sick.

One-Percenter Problems

Starting with an old man cleaning toilet paper off his front lawn first made me think this was going to be a Halloween themed episode. Then the camera pans back revealing signs painted with slogans ripped straight out of Zucotti Park and a businessman hung in effigy. Apparently the new hot place to protest is Occupy Suburbia. Aforementioned old man Thad is a CEO about to move his company to China, laying off his American workers. His daughter shows up just when his eyesight begins to go and rushes him to the hospital. Read More...



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