CASTLE “Cops & Robbers” Review

CASTLE "Cops & Robbers" Season 4 Episode 7 – In this episode Castle proves he’s either got the worst luck in the world, or the best luck – depending on how you look at it. It could be bad luck because I mean come on, who gets caught in a bank robbery? But it could also be good luck because who also would just happen to be on the phone with a cop when they do get caught in said bank robbery?

As Castle pointed out, he really might be the best partner ever because he manages to figure out nearly every secret the robbers (except maybe for the biggest one but hey, nobody’s perfect), provides clues to Beckett outside and helps keep everyone safe – all while being a hostage himself. In the end, the whole thing turns about to be about a man who wants to find the wife he used to abuse, so he can kidnap their son and get rid of her forever. Thankfully the team thwarts the bastard and it’s a happy ending for all when Castle invites Kate over to dinner to celebrate with his family. I thought that was an incredibly sweet gesture and I loved the way Martha greeted her when she walked through the door. It’s so nice seeing how these people have grown so close to one another. Read More...


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