2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Pretty Problem” Review

2 BROKE GIRLS "And The Pretty Problem" Season 1 Episode 7 – If I was able to make my review a sound clip it would probably be a ten minute long, constant sigh. The show is really good. Somewhere under the vagina jokes and the Italian stereotypes and the flat supporting characters there is a great buddy comedy which occasionally shines through. But there is too much of the vagina jokes, of the Italian stereotypes and the flat supporting characters to be able to wholly enjoy this show for what it sometimes is.

The characters of Max and Caroline are fully fleshed characters (which, in and of itself, is an oddity on television) with intricate psychologies and character ticks and flaws. Max does not want to try in case she fails, she never wants to put herself out there just in case she fails, but at the same time she enjoys praise and basks in it. Read More...



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