HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "The Slutty Pumpkin Returns" Season 7, Episode 8 – Long time fans ofHow I Met Your Mother no doubt remember Ted’s enigmatic "Slutty Pumpkin" from the first season’s rooftop Halloween party. The woman in that slutty pumpkin costume had become a kind of mythical creature and tonight she became a reality.

When you’ve been waiting seven seasons for a tiny glimpse of Ted’s future wife, the unmasking of this mysterious yet inconsequential character is a minor consolation. Unless Naomi, aka. the Slutty Pumpkin, was somehow directly connected to Ted’s future wife, we were going to be a little bitdisappointed that Ted was wasting time on another random girlfriend. In that sense, I actually thought the Slutty Pumpkin’s return to How I Met Your Mother put an interesting spin on our own expectations by killing the chemistry between Ted and Naomi before it could even start.

Katie Holmes was cute and she was definitely able to make her scenes with Ted feel really uncomfortable. It wasn’t so much that she was laugh out loud funny, but she made Naomi so incredibly awkward that by comparison, Ted seemed like an experienced Casanova. I cringed as she sang Bare Naked Ladies and groaned loudly while kissing Ted and I just wanted Ted to end it before it got worse.

Of course, "classic Shmosby" has to complicate things further by blurting out "I… love… you" when he had intended to break up with her but that made the payoff all the more successful. Seeing their brief romance from Naomi’s point of view showed us that she was feeling just as turned off by their relationship as Ted was. Read More...


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