DEATH VALLEY “Tick…Tick…Boom!” Review

DEATH VALLEY "Tick…Tick…Boom!" Season 1 Episode 9 – Well, it seems I was right last weekwhen I predicted that the bombs and the zombies were going to become a regular plot point of Death Valley. In an ep titled "Tick…Tick…Boom!," not having a bomb would just be false advertising.

On Take Your Father to School Day, Stubeck and Billy head to Stubeck’s daughter’s class to teach the kiddies how to fight zombies. Of course, while they’re there, a real zombie attacks the school and the boys are tossed into action. But this zombie is carrying a bomb, not in a backpack this time, but actually in himself. The vampire masters are getting smarter.

As if to prove that fact, Kirsten finds out that her cover with Rico and the other vamps has been blown; they know she’s a cop, but some reason, they let her go. Now that she can’t attend the parties and get a secondary high off watching the blood games, Kirsten decides to finally tell Dashell about exactly what his niece has been getting up to. Read More...


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