DOWNTON ABBEY “Episode 7? Review

DOWNTON ABBEY Season 2 Episode 7 – It’s the penultimate episode of Downton Abbey, a show which began the year with more promise than any show I can think of and dithered through World War One. It’s proved itself to be more obsessed with authenticity and hitting plot points more than character development or entertainment. Which is a pity, since it had a fair few good moments thrown in.

I blame the duet, of course, since I am a miserable cow and I would blame a wholesome, sappy, happy duet between two cousins who love each other. It was around the point of the duet when the magic starting wearing off and I realized that the show in my head – the show where Sybil turns into a radical feminist and starts chilling with Sheehy-Skeffington and the likes, smashing up the windows of parliament with umbrellas – is not at all the show on the screen, a show where Sybil’s major plot line has involved going into the garage where Branson is tinkering away at his little car, tells him she’s not ready, while he pines, relents, and declares his love for her, where she goes back home and sits demurely at the table listening to her father rattle off a load of shite. Read More...


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