Enlightened Recap: Shadows Under the Water

It’s business as usual in the fourth episode of Enlightened: We’ve been made uncomfortable. Rom-com moments are followed by a higher quantity of tearjerker-drama moments. Brief peace is interrupted. Bouts of energy and enthusiasm are answered with despair and rage.

Luke Wilson’s Levi comes back on the scene to join Amy on an impromptu river-rafting trip, only to ruin the whole thing by bringing a stash of drugs with him. But don’t blame the writers for this grievous twist. Blame the characters. Of course Levi brought drugs on the trip. He’s an addict. What better way to convey addiction than to be realistic about it? To suggest that it may be impossible for Levi to ever accept help. To suggest that, for Levi, being out in nature, away from Los Angeles, is great, but being on drugs out in nature is even better. To convey through Luke Wilson’s onscreen pain and desperation that this state of mind is not so hard to understand. We go there with him. Or, at the very least, we go with Amy to her place of pain, lying on the bed in the murky dawn light of the motel room, watching Levi come down from a coke-and-beer cocktail. This is the result of Amy dumping Levi's drugs in the river and Levi having to go buy new ones, and Amy coming with him, because the weekend is still about them. But what is Amy trying to achieve here? Read More...



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