Two and a Half Men 9.07 "Those Fancy Japanese Toilets" Review

two and a half men

After the trends of the first six episodes of this season, each week I hope that none of the existing female characters will end up in bed with Walden and that we will get an episode where Charlie isn't mentioned. This episode was all about Evelyn hooking up with Walden and Alan reading Charlie's journal. Since Charlie was family to most of the main characters, it may be inappropriate to never mention him, but this episode—and it appears the next episode—try to continue to use him as a character even in absence of the actor. It's time to move on. Even as Evelyn says to Alan that it's time to move on from Charlie's death, it's only reflected in her own character. She wants Walden and convinces him to hire her as his interior designer so she can carry out her plan. Read More...


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