Ringer Episode 7 "Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?" Recap

cw ringer

I have to admit, this week's episode of Ringer wasn't exactly the most exciting episode of its short run, at least until the very end.  Then I definitely gasped a few times, and shouted "nooooooo!" when we saw a flashback to the night Gemma disappeared.  But I'm getting ahead of myself, because we need to start at the beginning.

After Bridget decided to use Gemma's recent disappearance as an opportunity to make her real identity disappear in the previous episode, she knew that the truth about Siobhan and Bridget being twins would soon come out.  Rather than allow herself to be caught in more lies, she separately told both Andrew and Henry the truth about having a twin.  Both of them were upset, of course, but she explained the person and addict Bridget used to be and said she was ashamed.  Given what we know of Bridget and Siobhan's relationship through a few short flashbacks, it's not hard to imagine that Siobhan would have kept the secret of her sister for those reasons. Read More...



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