'Glee' Recap: Rory the Lonely Leprechaun Comes to Town

Faith and begorrah, Glee is back! After an interminably long break due to stupid baseball, McKinley High is once again in session. It's almost hard to remember the last time we saw New Directions, when Mercedes defected to Team Shelby and Rachel threw her hat into the presidential ring because she's the worst person in the world who refuses to let Kurt be happy (see: trying to steal Blaine in "Blame It on the Alcohol").

The return of Glee also brings a new face, Rory Flanagan, an Irish exchange student played by The Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty. So let's open up this box of Lucky Charms and see if it's magically delicious or terrifying like that movie with Jennifer Aniston and Warwick Davis. Read More....



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