Blood+ Collection 2 Review

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

After a nearly eighteen month delay between the two sets, Blood+ has finally finished out with another twenty-five episodes to tell the modern day story of Saya, Diva and their bloody and violent relationship that has spend a couple of centuries. Sony continues to have a real problem in handling anime TV series, though they do movies wonderfully, and Blood+ has suffered heavily because of its release format. With so much time between the releases, and singles stretched out for far too long, much of the enthusiasm has died away.

What makes it worse is that Blood+ is a fairly lazy and circumspect series in how it plays out. This set doesn't start off in a good way for people who have been away for awhile as it continues where it left off which wasn't a really strong end point and there's no quick recap here to help reacquaint yourself with the show. With the twenty-five episodes here, there are basically two arcs to it that deal with what's going on, and both of them move very slowly while being punctuated with moments of action that are admittedly exciting at times. The cast in general seems to be somewhat listless and without direction, which makes it hard to get enthused about it as they seem to sit around waiting for something to happen and then act.

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