Parenthood 3.07 "Forced Family Fun" Review


Are people capable of change? And if so, is that such a bad thing?

Though it didn't provide any concrete answers to such a broad, nuanced type of question, Parenthood's return from hiatus took on the issue of change through the eyes of several main characters. It's a weird time for the Braverman family, with new lifeforms and old regrets coming into the world at the same time, and it seems as good a place in the series as ever to delve into the issues of stability and whether relationships that transform lose any of their meaning.

The title of the episode comes from Kristina's idea to take gather her increasingly distant family together for a serious round of Team Braverman goodness, but if you think "Forced Family Fun" ends in a heartwarming game of mini golf and solidified bonds between Adam, Kristina, Max, and Haddie, you would be mistaken. Of course, this is Parenthood and everyone says their apologies (in their own way) by the end of the episode, but that's not before Kristina leaves her family by the side of the road for a round of putt-putt with baby Nora. While watching Kristina's anger finally boil over a little bit during the car ride to the course was quite funny, considering her usual demeanor, one could argue that this was the first crack in the mom of three's armor and that she won't be so easy to placate in the near future. Consider that Haddie will be off to college in a year (likely around this time in the show's hypothetical fourth season), Max is growing more independent by the day, and Adam has a career that he loves and is good at; the distance that Kristina feels between herself and the other three members of her family will continue to grow and I could see her becoming a little more lonely later on in the season, since the structure of her family is changing whether she likes it or not. Read More...


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