'Ringer' recap: Charlie in Charge

Some readers have taken me to task for being too hard on Ringer. Mean but fair. But I honestly did not think the show’s first few episodes were good (let us not forget the uber-fake boat sequence from the pilot). So, it pleases me to say that the last couple of installments show incredible promise, particularly this week’s entry. I’d go so far as to say this week is the best episode so far. I think the quality stems from the fact that it was written by executive producer Pam Veasey.

Dear Pam,
Can you please write all Ringer episodes going forward? 
Kthnxbye, Tim

So the episode began with pretty much all the major characters being called into the police station and questioned about Bridget. Frankly, I’m surprised the cops didn’t say anything about the GINORMOUS SIOBHAN PORTRAIT but I guess they had their minds on more pressing matters. Both Henry and Andrew told the cops they knew about Bridget Kelly. Flashback to a day ago, when Bridget (fake Siobhan) told both men about her then-secret twin sister. They did not take it so well. Andrew even told Juliet who balked, "Oh gawd -- there’s two of them!" Meanwhile, before going to the station, Bridget used her old phone to call Siobhan’s and leave a message as Bridget. One quibble: What is up with all these old flip phones? People it’s time to locate an Apple store. I think there are a few of them in NEW. YORK. CITY. So Bridget played Agent Machado the voicemail from Bridget which made it sound like she had been responsible for Gemma’s disappearance and that she had fled the country (she even mentioned Paris!). But Machado still seemed a bit skeptical. Read More...



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