'New Girl' recap: The Peen What Jess Saw

Well, Newbies, we're back after nearly a month of baseball and X Factor. Did you miss everyone's favorite quirky huh-roine? Have you been counting down the minutes to the return of Jess? Did your life feel entirely too whimsical and unjudged without Nick's side eyes? Did you find yourself saying and/or douche-y things just to contribute to your own Douchebag Jar? If so, I won't carry on any longer. The Jess has been suppressed for long enough.

Most of the episode centered on Nick's attempt to get back into the swing of things since achieving closure with Caroline. He set up his first date with a coworker named Amanda (Lake Bell). At least he thought he did. It was hard to tell because, "Sometimes she's so ironic, that I think she's being serious" -- particularly in regard to the Steve Miller Band. While Nick easily rebuffed Schmidt's sexy date suggestions (which all involved the dubious notion of "close-up magic"), Jess's overreaction to Amanda's hotness (and Schmidt's advice to "suck in the gut") psyched him out as he prepped for this ambiguous get-together. Now, while your average person mentally pregames a first date by Googling themselves, hitting the gym, or just, you know, taking a nap, Nick got pants-around-ankles nekkid to reggae music. It takes all kinds, folks. Read More...



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