Air Master Season 1, Episodes 21-24 Review

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As the series moves closer towards its completion (though nowhere near where the manga ended I should think), there's a nagging feeling that some of the energy of those early episodes dissipated along the way. The return to the street fighting side has been a real positive for it but something raw just isn't there, such as when we had that first fight with Lucha and the kind of passion that was there. It's been fun since then, but not quite nearly as engaging as it was at the start.

This round of episodes, twenty-one through twenty-four, pushes us forward through the Fukamichi matches even more as the top ranked street fighters go at it. The opening episode is hilarious as it ends up dragging Julietta into it finally when Fukamichi's younger brother Nobuhiko arrives on the scene to take on someone else but ends up going against him instead. Julietta is so focused on other things, so disconnected from the world at times, that he takes down a few people with relative ease, including Yashiki when he stumbles into the area looking for Nobuhiko. It's a good deal of fun watching how blas Julietta is in general when it comes to these matches and how easily he dispatches them with just a single kick. That won't last of course, and he has it in for Maki for their past match, but he's also quite interested in her in general which is just as amusing.

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