Dancing with the Stars Week 7 Results: David Arquette Makes Himself Disappear

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When a magician-costumed David Arquette danced to "Abbracadabra," he probably didn't realize he would make himself dissapear. Dancing with the Stars Halloween show turned out to be a real scream for Scream movie veteran David, with many fans in the audience yelling in protest of his exit. Nancy Grace and David were in the bottom 2, and this time it was the actual bottom two, meaning that they both had the lowest combined totals of judges scores and viewer votes. David was a pretty decent showman, but lacked the technical prowess of most of the others (except Hope). The fan base has to be there too which it has been, but it just crapped out here in Week 7. See video of the elimination below.

Many are wondering how Nancy has been able to hang in there for 7 weeks. She’s not a favorite of the judges and she certainly isn’t as skilled as most of the others. It’s the fan base from her show on HLN/CNN that’s keeping her alive. They share a similar demographic, middle aged and older women. I love Nancy too, but I think her time is almost up. And if you have any doubt that the judges don’t like her, listen up for the the extra behind the scenes chatter they’re showing from the hot mikes. One thing I’m learning is the judges are a lot meaner than I thought.

Next week the remaining five contestants will perform two dances. Who will be the next to go? We’ll find out next week on week 8 of Dancing with the Stars, beginning Monday, November 7 at 8 p.m. (ET).

dancing with the stars tv news



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