Glee Recap: Lucky Charms

Hey, did you guys ever notice that New Directions sounds exactly like Nude Erections? Forgive me if everyone on earth has already been talking about that forevs — I tried to look it up, but my Google search for "Nude Erections" got me kicked out of the library. Bottom line, though, it just forced me to picture Mr. Schue’s boner AGAIN (see episode one), which is starting to feel like a full-time job. Nude Erections. Erections that are nude! That also sing! Gross! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE FAKE CHILDREN?

So we’re finally back from hiatus, and, according to Mr. Schue, "Everyone in this group’s dreams are going to come true this year! [As long as they are all dreaming about my boner!]" The dream-coming-true-ing starts off strong with the introduction of that Irish kid from The Glee Project. He’s Rory Flanagan, he’s an Irish exchange student staying at Brittany’s house, and of course she thinks he’s an actual leprechaun ("Wait, other people can see you? But only because you let them see you.") Brittany also apparently believes that she caught this leprechaun, making him a sort of whimsical indentured servant forced to grant her wishes until she releases him from bondage. Her first wish is for a box of Lucky Charms that’s all marshmallows. The Irish kid gets it for her because he would like to put his nude erection in her. Read More...


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