SONS OF ANARCHY "Kiss" Season 4 Episode 9 - It’s the day after the murderous night before and the Sons carry on with their day, mostly unaware of Piney’s demise.

After finding it hard to reach the Niners, the Sons theorise that they must be working with Lobo Sonora, and arrange a meet for Luis and the Galindo guys to take down the members of Lobo Sonora that are in town. But when the Lobos get away, Luis decides to take out LaRoy and the Niners with him, and it’s only Jax’s quick thinking and smart talking that save the day.

The Real IRA aren’t too happy about their guns being used by the Galindo cartel, so Clay arranges a meet. Linc Potter gets wind of this and wants Juice’s help, but he refuses. So Juice is brought in to see the taskforce setup (where, enraged, he attacks Roosevelt) and offered a choice; if Juice finds out where the meet is taking place, so Linc can (attempt to) bring down the Real IRA, Linc will assist the Sons in getting out of it relatively unscathed. Even if relatively sounds suspiciously like ‘in name only’. It’s a very tempting offer, though, nonetheless. Read More...


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