COVERT AFFAIRS “The Wake-Up Bomb” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "The Wake-Up Bomb" Season 2 Episode 11 - Annie meets a sexy restaurateur/chef and the chemistry sizzles. But he’s Spanish, which means no relationship, and an ex-member of the Basque separatist movement ETA, which means that Annie’s about to get close to Xavier for information, this time on his recently-released jailbird brother, Gorka.

And it probably would have worked well enough if Annie wasn’t so completely obvious. Gorka knew that she recognised him, which lead to him kidnapping her at the climax of the episode. But why bother kidnapping her? He apparently only blew up his brother’s restaurant as a warning because his brother sold him out. He looked surprised when Annie told him that Xavier was in the building. If he had assumed that his brother was alive, and the bombing was only a warning, why compound matters by kidnapping a CIA agent? Was there more to it? Read More...


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