PARENTHOOD “Forced Family Fun” Review

PARENTHOOD "Forced Family Fund" Season 3 Episode 7 – This is a show about the Bravermans. The Bravermans are inobstensibly our heroes, it is from their point of view we get the stories related, their point of view which we most often sympathize. And yet, this is a Jason Katims show and if we’re going to get a bit sniffy and apply auteur theory to showrunners/creators then his shows – from Friday Night Lights to Parenthood - feature overwhelming compassion for his characters, whether they’re the drug addicts like Seth or the condescending righteousness of Julia or the indignancy of Cosby. The reason why his shows resonate so deeply, I feel, is because we can see that these aren’t bad people out to ruin someone else’s life. These are essentially good people who just want to do what’s right, even if their attempts to do what is right are thwarted by their own ignorance or lack of compassion or empathy.

It’s what keeps his shows from becoming melodramas and soap operas, this complexity of characters. Take the fight between Cosby and Jasmine: of course Cosby is pissed off that Jasmine is not only dating the doctor, but that the doctor is playing with Jabbar. He has every right to be, and if this were a lesser show, Jasmine would be a bitch. But she’s not a bitch, of course, because the show has gone to great lengths to establish all of the crap Cosby has put her through. But Cosby isn’t bad, because all of the bad things he’s done: letting her raise Jabbar as a single mother, sleeping with Minka Kelly etc, they weren’t out of malice, but just things he did because that’s his personality. Read More...


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