90210 “It’s the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark” Review

90210 "It’s the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark" Season 4 Episode 7 – Is anyone else seeing a patternforming in this season of 90210. I’ll give you a hint: almost every single episode has contained an over-the-top party planned and hosted by one Naomi Clark. This week, it’s a masquerade ball with no masks, but some semi-anonymous, yet public text messaging. Oh, and topless Carnival dancers. Naomi does nothing half-assed.

Either Naomi needs to stop taking Annie’s advice or Annie need to stop thinking like a farm girl from Kansas, because when Naomi takes her suggestion and invites the horrible Holly to help her plan themasquerade, it winds up backfiring on her in more than one way. Her private confessional to Austin is broadcast across the internet and her big finale turns out to be a fire hazard.

Holly might have won the round, but it was Naomi who ended the night in Austin’s arms. Who’s laughing now? Well, not me. I’m actually getting a little tired of this feud. At first I thought it would be fun to see Naomi go up against someone who is just as determined and manipulative as she can be, but now it’s dragged on a bit too long. Read More...



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