NCIS “Devil’s Triangle” Review

NCIS "Devil’s Triangle" Season 9 Episode 7 – Tonight, in this episode of the Ex-Files..sorry, couldn’t resist.

Anyway…in tonight’s episode Gibbs and Fornell face their biggest foe yet – their shared ex-wife. Diane’s brand new Homeland Security-employed hubby goes missing (along with a deadly virus) and she asks her NCIS-employed ex-hubby Gibbs and FBI-employed ex-hubby Fornell to help out. Is it just me or does this woman seem to have a thing for guys with guns and badges?

As much as Gibbs and Fornell probably wanted to think that Victor was involved in the whole virus thing, it turns out he really was the victim through it all. But along the way we certainly got to learn a lot about all three of these people who share such a unique connection. Gibbs married Diane to get over Shannon and Diane married Fornell to get over Gibbs. That revelation was something that I wasn’t expecting from an episode I expected to be nothing but laughs from beginning to end and I was honestly quite moved by the final scene. Read More...


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