Glee 3.04 "Pot O' Gold" Recap - Putting the 'Ire' in 'Ireland'

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Glee returns from its month-long hiatus with "Pot O’ Gold, which introduces The Glee Project winner Damian McGinty as Rory Flanagan, an Irish foreign exchange student Brittany (Heather Morris) believes to be her very own leprechaun.  Meanwhile, Sue continues her campaign against the arts, earning the ire and congressional rivalry of Burt Hummel (Mike O'Malley), while Mercedes continues pulling members for her own Glee club, and Puck and Quinn conspire to win their baby Beth back from Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel)!

Don’t have the time to spare?  Then here's what you missed on Glee’s "Pot O’ Gold!"

Brittany stands at her locker when a special new friend shows up, new guest star (and The Glee Project winner Damian McGinty) arrives pretending to be her private leprechaun!  She plies him with her first wish for a marshmallow filled box of Lucky Charms, as Finn curiously looks on.  Meanwhile, Puck and Quinn press there way further into Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel)’s life by offering to babysit their daughter beth!

Sue Sylvester continues her media-fueled campaign for congress by declaring the arts to have an overblown budget, with the Glee Club’s production of West Side Story eating upwards of $2000.  When calls from the broadcast flood the school, Principal FIggins decides to pull the plug on their funding, while Will counters he can raise the money himself!  Will recruits the New Directions to solicit advertisers across town for the musical’s playbill, though most of the group’s spirits are still low from losing Mercedes to the rival glee club (and possibly Santana and Brittany as well!)  Who better than Blaine (Darren Criss) to the rescue, with a festive group rendition of Katy Perry's "Friday Night?"

Sensing the fracture of the group, Finn enlists our new Irish exchange student (named Rory Flanagan) to bring back intel from Brittany’s home when he’s not busy trying to get into her "pot of gold."  At Shelby’s house, once alone Quinn and Puck set about planting baby boccilism, "Basics of Baby Sacrifice" and some incriminating hot sauce to declare Shelby an unfit mother to Child Protective Services!

But fear not about the future of West Side Story, as a short plea from Kurt sees Burt Hummell enlisting the three funeral homes of Lima, Ohio to fund the musical themselves!  A tense stand-off with Sue in the halls ignite’s Burt’s passion for making sure Sue doesn’t get elected, but Will later encourages him to take things a step further bylaunching a write-in campaign to take the seat in congress himself!

All this Glee, and hardly any music?  Our new Irish friend Rory is the first of the night to belt a solo tune, singing to himself "It’s Not Easy Being Green" as he faces rejection from Brittany and the bullying of the entire school.  Brittany meanwhile goes on a date with Santana to Breadsticks, where the latter presses her friend to quit the glee club along with her.  Say, whatever happened to Artie?

Puck still enjoys his milf-tastic poolboy gig, but Quinn pressures him to get a real job having already called the CPS on Shelby.  But what’s this, when Shelby herself comes through with a potential full-time poolboy gig in her building, and makes googly-eyes at young Puck when he stops by to sing Beth to sleep and remove the incriminating evidence out of guilt?

Finn finally steps up to Brittany to show her leprechauns and these wishes aren’t real, but accidentally calls her stupid, further alienating her to join the all-women’s choir "The TroubleTones."  They perform a rousing (and expensive-looking) rendition of "Candyman," while Finn and Will look on and observe the group could be steep competition in the future.  Finn makes his apologies to the girls, but as Rory attempts to claim Finn’s apology as a fulfillment of Brittany’s third wish, she rebuffs his desire for the "pot of gold" by accepting leprechauns aren’t real.  Bummer.

After Burt makes a down to earth appearance on the local news to counter "Sue’s Corner," the McKinley high Cheerios' coach confronts the Hummel/Hudsons at Breadsticks, and warns that she knows what makes Burt tick, and will launch a campaign advocating funding for Special Education needs over the arts.

Later, as Finn stands up for Rory once more, he invites the young Irish lad to join the club.  Roy does a delicate love number for the group that triggers a montage setting up a few points, future tensions with the TroubleTones, Kurt’s discomfort at having another male soprano in the group, and Puck totally making out with Shelby Corcoran!

Did "Pot O' Gold" have you feeling lucky?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode of Glee on FOX!


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