Interview with 'Top Model' All-Star Kayla Ferrel: My Branding Word 'Free' Led to My Demise

As a spunky redhead with an inspiring backstory, a worthy goal (to become the first gay America's Next Top Model winner) and an amazing modeling portfolio, Kayla Ferrel of cycle 15 came in as one of the frontrunners in America's Next Top Model: All-Stars. Personally, I was pretty sure -- and hopeful -- that we'd see her in the finals.

But, once again, I was very, very, tragically wrong. Last Wednesday, Kayla was sent home, partly because her photo portraying Snooki wasn't quite "hot mess" enough for the judges' tastes, but mostly because Tyra thought that, week to week, Kayla was becoming a "watered down" version of her former self.

On the contrary, Kayla told me when we spoke on Friday, she wasn't watered down this cycle. Instead, the show essentially (and rather ironically) set her up for failure, using the word that helped her succeed in cycle 15: "free." Here's Kayla to explain:


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