One Piece Season 9 Episode 290: Uncontrollable! Chopper's Forbidden Rumble Recap

After a recap of the previous episode, we see Zoro attempting to fight with Sogeking hanging onto one of his katana. Both Kaku and Jyabura were not threatened by this in the least. When Zoro tried to attack them, Sogeking kept twitching, and Zoro missed with each of his attacks, which resulted in Sogeking getting beaten. Zoro says they have no other choice besides using Janken to see who has to have their hand cut off and go find Chopper, while Sogeking yells out CHOPPER! PLEASE HURRY!!!

Meanwhile, Chopper and Kumadori are facing each other in the kitchen. Kumadori had just eaten a lot of food and broke out of the refrigerator, and was now very fat. Chopper sighs, commenting that he takes bad care of his body. Kumadori says to him there's no need to worry, repeatedly, much to the annoyance of Chopper. Kumadori then proceeds to use Seimei Kikan (Life Feedback) to change to weight of his body, first losing much weight (using Shouka, meaning digest') then gaining some weight (using Kyushu, meaning absorb''), returning to his normal weight size (Moto Douri, meaning return to normal). Chopper was simply amazed by this, and asked if he could do it again. He did so, going back to fat, then through the process again. Chopper, even more amazed asked to do it again. e did it once more, but was a bit exhausted afterward.

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