Sons of Anarchy 'Kiss' Review

sons of anarchy

You would think after the big death in last week’s episode that this week would finally give us the epic showdown that’s been brewing not only between Jax and Clay but between the whole of the entire club. Not so, as the Lobo Sonora problem remains at the forefront this week when it turns out that Laroy, the leader of the Niners, has joined forces with the Lobos in order to try and gain a foothold on selling cocaine in the area. Yeah, start a war with a Mexican cartel and see how long your head remains attached to the rest of your body. But this scenario, in addition to the ongoing Juice problem, gave Jax a few chances to truly shine in a leadership position in a way that Clay no longer can.

This week’s episode could be considered something of a turning point for the character of Jax Teller. So many times we’ve witnessed his character as the gun-wielding figure in black, the solider for the Sons who’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect his club. But this week, Jax took the initiative, since no one else really would, to stand up and try to prevent unnecessary violence or drastic action being taken. It was really his time to shine as the potential future leader of SAMCRO. Though he claims to want out, I just don’t see that getting to happen even when the cartel situation is cleared up (which took a surprising turn with the Lobo scenario as one would have assumed that it would have been more like a Sons v. Galindo turn of events not something that allowed the Galindo cartel to continue to work with the club). Read More...


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