'American Horror Story': Tate is on my last twisted nerve


When we last left our intrepid Murder House dwellers and their various friends, acquaintences and supernatural enemies on "American Horror Story," Violet was missing, Rubber S&M Suit Man was lurking about, Addie might have been killed in a brutal hit-and-run, whatever is growing in Vivien's stomach made a nurse faint, and that pesky Hayden showed up. Ding dong! "Halloween, Part 2" sure had a lot to live up to - and it more than did.In the world of Violet and Tate, Tate takes Violet out for a date and they are suddenly harassed by all these high schoolers with horrible wounds. Who knew right away they had to be the ghosts of the kids he shot up? *raises hand* Who did NOT know it was going to be from roughly 18 years before? *raises hand* Having already guessed Tate was Constance's son, I should've done the math on that one, but I did not, so...



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