'Survivor: South Pacific': Cochran, secret agent man


"Survivor: South Pacific" heats up as Cochran goes all secret agent man on us. Post-TribalThe Savaii tribe are hoping and praying the merge happens and everybody's pretty tense about being down Ozzy. Cochran's pretty pumped about his role as a double agent when they do merge. His Al Pacino needs work.Redemption IslandOzzy plays up the Cochran-used-the-Idol ploy and Christine seems to buy it. Ozzy talking-heads that this move was either the "stupidest" or the "craziest, ballsiest" move. I'd say all three. For the duel, everyone is there from each tribe, which obviously belies a merge. Ozzy severely overacts his part and Albert, Rick and Coach are not buying his story one whit. The duel is to use a long stick to retrieve keys and unlock a gate. The winner comes back into the game at this point. Naturally, Ozzy wins. Sigh. I was really hoping that move would blow up in Savaii's face and Christine...



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