American Horror Story 1.05 "Halloween, Part 2" Recap

american horror story

American Horror Story concludes its epic two-part scare-fest with its fifth episode "Halloween, Part 2" on FX tonight, and even if you missed out, we've got all the ghostly twists and turns to hold you over until the next terrifying episode!  Of course, if you’re too frightened to watch the action for yourself, read on for our American Horror Story recap of "Halloween, Part 2"!

Technically we open once more in flashback, returning to the scene of Larry Harvey (Denis O’Hare) banging on the door as young Violet (Taissa Farmiga) nervously calls her parents for help, and the mysterious Rubber Man looms over her shoulder.  However, Larry leaves in frustration and Vi retreats to her room, where the appearance of Tate (Evan Peters) throwing rocks at the window saves her from the hand reaching out from under the bed!   He offers her a black rose, and that the two finally go on their date. Read More...


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