Law & Order: SVU Review: Who do we truly believe?

Benson battles with the frustrations of her job and the occasional injustices of the legal system in this week's episode "True Believers." Helping rape victims has been her life for so long that she can't help but be disappointed to see another victim be personally attacked in court. It's difficult for us to watch as well, especially because the case is damaged by such obvious lies. But unfortunately, as Ellis points out, there are officers and supposed victims who persecute people based on race.

Although we can clearly see that his client is guilty, it doesn't change the fact that Ellis raises some really important questions about the way the SVU officers operate. Finn and Rollins accost young black men on the street because they resemble a grainy screen shot of the suspect. Amaro and Benson physically take down a suspect at gunpoint in front of his family and a screaming baby, taking the gun without procuring a warrant. Read More...


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